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The JomPaw team puts emphasis on getting the perfect sitter for you. Once of the ways we achieve this is via our stringent and personalised five-step vetting process!

The Stringent Vetting Process is as follows:

Step 1: Application Form

The Pet Sitter will need to fill in an application form. This gives JomPaw team vital information about the sitter, their experience and their location. This is to ensure we know the Sitter personally, ensuring that owners only deal with sitters the JomPaw team trusts.

Step 2: Pet Sitter Online Test

After their application form has been verified by our Sitter Success Specialist, Sitters must go through a compulsory Pet Sitter Online Test. This test ensures every Sitter has specific body of knowledge on pet care, disaster preparedness, health, sanitation, safety, business operations, and customer service skills. Sitters will have to score an 80% mark on the online text to receive a Certificate and progress to the next stage!

Step 3: Pet Sitter Training Course

After the online test, Sitters must go through a compulsory Pet Sitter Training Course. This course teaches them how to use the JomPaw website, and gives them a run-down of the process involved in all services provided by JomPaw. By the time Pet Sitters have finished the training, they should be an expert on all things JomPaw! They will then receive another Certificate.

Step 4: Identity Verification

After they have passed the Online Test and Training, Sitters must upload a copy of an in-date form of Identification on the website. For privacy reasons, only the JomPaw team can see this form of ID. This ID must contain a photo of the Sitter, their full name and a birth date, three prices of information vital to guaranteeing the identity of the Sitter.

Step 5: Review by the JomPaw Sitter Success Specialist Team

After a Pet Sitter uploads all relevant documents and completes an application, their profile will be personally checked by the JomPaw Sitter Success Team. This check is extremely thorough, checking their profile photo, online certificate, application information, phone number, email address, identification, residential address and service prices. The JomPaw team then has ultimate discretion in approving a Sitter.

After our Pet Sitters have been approved, we continue to evaluate their performance on an ongoing basis based on their response rates, average response time, service rating and reviews. If we notice that a pet sitter fails to comply with our policies or quality standards, their profile will be removed from the JomPaw website.

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