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Unlike traditional caged-pet hotel and veterinary clinics, we offer a wide and unique range of services that aim to engage and make your pet feel as loved and as happy as they do at home. The services that are available through JomPaw are:

◙ Pet Sitting - Is overnight pet sitting in the pet's home. The Pet Sitter can house sit and pet sit at the same time.

◙ Pet Boarding - Is overnight care at the boarder's home. This is where your pet goes and stay's at the Pet Boarder's house.

◙ Pet Day care - Is daytime care for your pet, this can be done either in the pet's house or the Pet Boarders' house.

◙ Dog walking - Is where a Dog Walker can come and walk your dog for you, the length of these dog walks are flexible depending on the needs of your pet.

◙ House Visits - Is where a Pet Sitter can come once or twice a day, to check on your pet's and feed them. They can also spend an hour or two with your pets as you require.

◙ Pet Grooming - Is our Pet Grooming service, and can be done either at your house or at the Pet Sitters' house.

◙ Dog Training - Is our dog training service, and can be done either at your house or at JomPaw’s Training Ground.

Service rates will vary in price depending on the age and size of the pet, the number of pets, and the length of the stay. Make sure you read all the information on the Sitter's profile before making a booking. We also strongly recommend completing a Meet & Greet to discuss the details of the booking as well as meeting the Pet Sitter prior to the booking.

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