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    5 Ways to Calm your Hyperactive Dog

    5 Ways to Calm your Hyperactive Dog

    Does your dog constantly digs up the garden, doing circles, jumps onto you, chews everything in sight, or is just being overly-excited all the time? This behaviour in dogs, also what is known as hyperactivity, is usually due to boredom or lack of exercise and stimulation. So we've done the groundwork and listed 5 popular ways to calm your hyperactive dog for you to try.


    1. Exercise, exercise, exercise

    As the saying goes, “a tired dog is a good dog”. A dog must have its exercise everyday, be it a walk, a swim, or a game of fetch. The walk doesn't have to be fast-paced but the rule of thumb is that bigger dogs will require more exercise. Once your dog has released those pent-up energy, it will be less frustrated and instead, be more pleasantly exhausted to be misbehaving.

    If you are usually away or don't have the time, you can hire a dog walker or even consider pet boarding or sitting with someone qualified, so your dog can properly chanel that high energy the right way.


    2. Have a routine

    Dogs thrive on routines. When dogs know what to expect in its life, it will be less insecure and thus, calmer. A simple routine like a morning walk + training, and evening walk + playtime for example, is good enough so long you are consistent!


    3. Obedience-train your dog

    Simple cues like ‘sit, come, and stay’ can take you and your dog a long way. Not only your dog learn some manners, you can distract a hyper dog by commanding it to some of your cues. The more you break its hyper state of mind, the more chances for it to learn to be calm. Obedience training also stimulates your dog's brain, which is another reason for your dog to be less bored (as boredom contributes to hyperactivity).


    4. Ignore your dog's hyper behaviour

    A contrasting method to no.3 above, is the ‘no touch, no talk, no eye contact’ approach. As dogs seek attention from their owners, you'll need to teach your dog what behaviour is not acceptable when wanting attention, by ignoring the behaviour you want to eliminate. Once your dog is calm, reward your dog.


    5. It certainly helps to be calm

    Your emotions can be reflected onto your dog so if you're not calm, your dog will probably not be calm too.

    Remember - chances are that your dog wasn't born hyperactive, therefore it's not an overnight effort to reverse this behaviour. Consistency is key! Persevere and you will see a change.

    5 Reasons to Adopt and not Shop

    5 Reasons to Adopt and not Shop

    As we usher in the Year of the Dog, some may want to own a dog this year as a sign of “good luck”. We can't say if that is true, but what we do know is that owning a dog is a long-term commitment and requires a lot of hard work.

    If you have your heart set on having a pet dog or any other pets as a matter of fact, here are 5 reasons why you should adopt and not buy one.

    Reason 1: You are saving a life

    Many animals are euthanized (some killed inhumanely, you've heard news of that we bet) each year due to overpopulation at shelters and pounds. Although a few shelters operate a no-kill policy, not all can afford to do so. By adopting, you are giving a shelter animal a second chance in life!

    Reason 2: You could actually save two lives

    Simply because for every animal that is adopted, a space is available for another desperate one in need of rescue. Go on, pay a visit to a shelter or pound near you to register your interest in adoption. You can also check out JomPaw Charities that work with various animal shelters to find out more about adopting a pet.

    Reason 3: It's the only way to stop illegal puppy mills

    Mothers of puppies you see at pet stores are usually kept at puppy mills for breeding purposes. If these mills are illegal, it is almost certain that the animals are malnourished or sick and live in dark cramped cages to avoid detection. It's hard to imagine what will happen to them once they lose the ability to breed. Sure, pedigree and purebred dogs are lovely, so are mix breeds or mongrels! The love they give you is only the same, which is in abundance!

    Reason 4: Adopting is way cheaper than buying a dog

    Buying a dog can burn a hole in your pocket as purebreds can fetch thousands of Ringgit. On the other hand, adoption fees will not cost more than a few hundred Ringgit. Some fees come in a package of vaccination, deworming and neutering, along with the dog of course.

    Reason 5: It's a myth that shelter dogs are ‘not normal’

    It's a common misconception that rescue or shelter dogs have behavioural or health issues. Animals are placed in shelters for a variety of reasons - from owners having had to move abroad to financial constraints. You'll be also happy to know that some dogs have been house-trained so that means more cuddling time!

    Of course, not everyone will be able to adopt a dog and we totally understand that. If you would like to contribute in other ways, visit one of the many animal shelters near you or JomPaw Charities to volunteer, donate or purchase a merchandise.

    Pet Boarding vs Pet Sitting: which is better for your dog or cat?

    Pet Boarding vs Pet Sitting: which is better for your dog or cat?

    Whether you need to travel abroad or visit relatives this holiday season, it's not always possible to have your pet(s) tag along. So comes the question - what are the options when it comes to pet care in your absence? Obviously, in many situations, the best option is having a friend or family member whom your dog/cat is familiar with watch them but if that isn't possible, you'll have to decide between boarding your pet or hiring a pet sitter. Your decision will boil down to the characteristics and temperament of your pet.
    When is Pet Boarding Better?
    Pet boarding is when you check your pet into a facility (think vet or pet hotel) or at an insured and vetted boarder’s home.

    Some dogs will not allow a stranger into its home and can suffer depression or separation anxiety when its owner isn't around for a long period of time. If your pet, especially dogs (and a youngster!), loves human and animal interaction, then pet boarding is clearly the better choice as some dogs thrive on companionship and stimulation. Many of JomPaw’s boarders have pets of their own and offer a cage-free environment so your dog or cat will easily feel at home.

    When is Pet Sitting Better?

    A pet sitter is someone who will go to your house, interact, feed, walk and look after your pet. The biggest benefit here is that your pet stays exactly where it is while having a pet sitter keep an eye on him or her.

    Because your pet will be staying in the comfort of your home, this will suit older dogs who isn't as mobile, and cats who are usually happy doing its own thing by itself. Your pet will be able to stick to its own routine in familiar surroundings with little interruption as possible. Those with multiple pets will also find it more convenient to have a pet sitter rather than transporting your pets to a boarder. After all, they have a companion pal and wouldn't get as stressed while you are away.

    Whatever decision you have made, it's important that your pet is in safe hands. Ask many questions (insurance, experience, etc.) and check out its reviews. Book a service with our boarders and sitters who have been vetted and trained to provide the best care to your furry pet for a peace of mind while you are away this holiday season!

    Top 5 reasons to treat your pets to a cage free holiday

    Top 5 reasons to treat your pets to a cage free holiday

    1) Happiest at home

    Dogs and cats generally feel safer, less anxious, and more secure in a comfortable and familiar environment as opposed to being transferred to a pet hotel. A dog who has separation issues or is reactive to other dogs will certainly be better off with a pet sitter than in a pet hotel. A cat who is sensitive about changes in its environment can get frustrated and frightened by a new environment. Most cats need frequent supervision, not only to ensure they get enough food and drink, but also to check whether they are alright. This is when a pet sitter can come in to pet and spend some time providing social contact, even if most cats like being on their own.

    2) Health and safety

    Pets at kennels are prone to contracting and being exposed to infections and viruses such as pet hotel cough, distemper, and other intestinal parasites. While some pet hotels can be professional operations, many others are not and can go a long way towards worsening any fear or anxiousness or separation issues a pet may already have. A busy kennel can be loud and high energy. This can over stimulate your pet and contribute to heightened stress levels. Some pets are fed or given different food which can lead to gastrointestinal upsets such as vomiting or diarrhea. This seems to be worse with the addition of “stress”.

    3) One to one attention

    When a pet sitter brings your pet into his/her home you can expect lots of one on one attention. Pets can get extra play time and individual attention with a pet sitter without the extra charge that is often billed at kennels. In pet hotels, not every dog or cat gets the attention they require. Some are left alone for extended periods of time in highly stressful environments. Your pet sitter will care for your pet just as you instruct but, just as important, he or she will spoil it with plenty of love, affection, and attention to keep your pet happy and healthy until you return home.

    4) Keeping in touch

    It’s important that you know what’s happening with your pet while you're away. To keep you in the know, pet sitters will call you, send text messages and leave behind an update that detail how your loved ones are doing.

    5) Regular routine

    Most pet boarding hotels require all pets to follow their schedule and to have required shots before being boarded. The pet hotels will perform feedings, bathroom breaks, and walks according to their schedule, not yours. Your pet’s routine will likely not be the same as at home and it may require time to adjust to the kennel and returning home again, which could result in stress or even illness. With home-based qualified pet sitters, you can keep ensure your pet’s routine is kept.

    If you are interested to treat your pet to a cage-free holiday to improve your lives, click here to find out more about JomPaw’s home-based cage-free boarding service by strictly validated pet sitters. Board your pet at a pet lover’s home near you!