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    Does Your Dog Has Anxiety?

    What to do when your dog get stressed easily

    What to do when your dog get stressed easily?

    Look for signs

    When faced with circumstances beyond its control, your dog tend to hide, vocalize, and even pant or whine. It may also display fear by trembling, pacing, tucking tail, avoiding eye contact, yawning, blinking excessively and clinging to a trusted person.

    Avoid baby talk

    In extreme cases, a vet may temporarily prescribe anti-anxiety medication coupled with behavior modification designed to make this anxious dog feel safer at home or outside. Avoid talking in cooing tones or baby talk, as this may cause your dog to feel more nervous and anxious.

    Give ample time

    Cultivate a safe routine for your dog by teaching it to "sit" and "stay" in a designated spot and reward it with a healthy treat and gentle affection. Give it ample time to acclimatize to new family members or changes in the routine.

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